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About S&Co Tea 


Located in Downtown Stillwater, Simplicity and Co. was born during a trip to Ireland and England. Owners Austin and Ashley Ray fell in love with tea during their many travels across Asia and Europe. Having a strong desire to live simply and engage fully with the people around them, Simplicity and Co. was created to inspire the community of Stillwater, OK to share in the most personal, relational and cultural values of tea.


S&Co. offers a Wall of Tea showcasing almost 100 types of loose leaf teas, along with a product line to enable you to brew the best right at home.


Fitted with wi-fi, a fireplace, comfy chairs and the best smelling shop you’ll ever enter, S&Co is thrilled to offer Stillwater a community-focused atmosphere to share, learn, and engage with the people around us.

We're firm believers in natural wellness and wholesome eating so you can rest assured that every tea and ingredient you'll find in our shop is whole, organic, free of additives or preservatives and is sourced responsibly. 

We regularly offer tea tasting events. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see future events.


For more information about S&Co. please feel free to chat with us at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

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