Introducing the 2021 Tea Advent Calendar! Featuring 25 different holiday teas, including our very favorites + many teas never before seen in store! Each day contains 2 servings of tea in a sealed envelope with instructions for steeping on the label. 


This advent calendar is available for PREORDER. Shipping is free this holiday season.


We HIGHLY recommend pre-ordering to ensure you receive an advent calendar before December 1st. We expect to run out of stock on Small Business Saturday.



You may pick up your pre-ordered tea advent calendar on Nov. 27th for Small Business Saturday and receive a free tea drink voucher as part of the sale. In order to receive your free drink voucher, you must select PICK UP IN STORE during checkout. 


IF YOU DO NOT SELECT IN STORE PICK UP DURING CHECKOUT: Your order will ship prior to Thanksgiving to ensure you'll receive it before December 1st. These orders will not receive a free tea drink voucher. 


(Caffeine content will vary.  Tea bags are not included, you will need a reusable steeper.)

2021 Advent Calendar