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Why Loose Leaf? 4 Reasons It's Better

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

It's the most common question we get, why loose leaf tea? We're so familiar with those quick little tea bags you get in the grocery store. What's the big difference?

difference between loose leaf and bagged tea

There are actually several reasons we personally made the switch 5+ years ago.

1. It's the Real Deal, Not the Leftovers.

The leaves that end up in most bagged tea are leftover from the production of whole, loose leaf tea. This means that during the drying and oxidation process, anything that is not whole enough for loose leaf gets swept up and used for those little bags. The result of using the real deal and not the leftovers is that you now have a more flavorful cup!

2. Loose Leaf is Fresher and More Flavorful

Tea bags often sit on the shelves in the grocery store for over a year before being purchased. And often sit in cabinets for just as long. When you purchase a quality leaf from a loose leaf shop like Simplicity and Co, the teas have only recently been packaged up and shipped for steeping. Again, resulting in a more vibrant and accurate flavor profile.

difference between loose leaf and bagged tea

You may notice that occasionally, we run out of teas at S&Co. This isn't because we're lazy and didn't order enough , but rather we refuse to store a large back stock of our teas to ensure we're putting the absolute freshest leaves in our jars.

3. Plastic Free Tea, Please

You wouldn't guess it, but those little teabags are almost made with plastic! Even many that are labeled as paper bags. Not only does it not sound yummy to steep your tea along with cheap plastic, but it's better for the earth if you're not throwing away little bags of plastic every time you want a cuppa!

difference between tea bags and loose leaf tea

4. Organic Matters

Regardless of how you feel about the organic debate, there's just something that doesn't sit well with us about pesticides steeping in our tea. We personally don't want anything but pure tea goodness steeping in our cup! While there are some organic tea bag brands, you will find many more options available in loose leaf form.

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