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Top 6 Teas for a Rainy Day

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

When it rains, you just need tea. There's nothing better than sipping a hot cuppa, with a book in your lap, watching the rain out the window, (Simplicity and Co. windows were just MADE for this!)

Some teas are better iced, some are better hot, and some are just better when it's raining. Fact.

Here are our top 6 picks for a rainy day.

6. Balance

Starting off with Balance! This creamy tea is caffeine-free and perfect for late nights cozied up on the couch listening to the rain. I'm not sure we have a more calming cup in our collection than this!

5. Sencha

Sencha is the purest cup of green tea you'll ever have. Totally without any other flavor additions, it's smooth, fresh and best steeped for only 2-3 minutes max to ensure there's not even any bitterness in this cup. It will totally relax you. We swear.

Best teas for rainy day

4. Pu'erh Spice

This newer addition to our Wall of Tea is one of our current obsessions! Pu'erh is an aged, fermented tea. This one has the addition of spices + a slight hint of berry making it the most earthy, dark and spicy cup you've ever had. Perfectly fitting for a rainy day, wouldn't you say?

3. Masala Chai

This classic may be consumed the most often out of most of our teas, but for good reason! You can't have a rainy day without a chai latte. But make sure it's the real deal - none of that powdered stuff. This blend is created with black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, and tons of fresh ginger making it the most flavorful chai in town. Add some brown sugar and don't forget the milk! We love it with whole or almond!

chai tea

2. Irish Breakfast

how to make london fog

If you've got time to sit and stay awhile, a pot of Irish Breakfast will always do the soul good. You can't get any better inspiration for a rainy day tea that the Ireland classic itself! Grab a pot with milk and sugar on the side and watch the slow, lazy day go by. You'll thank us later.

1. London Fog

The all-time favorite classic for rainy days! We make our London Fogs with our Earl Grey Creme blend, brown sugar, vanilla and warm frothy milk. Mm. Rain rain. Please never go away.

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