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Our Fav Iced Teas for Summer

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

When faced with 100 degree days, the only solution to stay cool is to grab a freshly made ice cold tea. Now to be fair, there aren't many teas we wouldn't recommend iced, but we've complied a list of our current favorites that are great cold brewed or steeped + poured over ice!

1. White Strawberry

You gotta try this one cold brewed! Always a favorite of the summer, every time we try it, we can't believe the fruity finish of this beautiful tea! One look at this blend makes you want to try it. Smell it and you'll be sold forever!

2. Thai Tea

We've been told you can't get more authentic than this without going to Thailand yourself! This is Owner, Ashley's, current favorite. Thai Tea is a must iced with milk! Try it with coconut or almond!

3. Rose Oolong

This sweet subtle tea is always a favorite of tea connoisseurs. Watching these tightly wound leaves unfold is half the fun of this fine tea. It will leave you perfectly refreshed.

4. Samurai Chai

Owner, Austin, first became obsessed with tea when he tasted a blend similar to our Samurai Chai. We set out to recreate that experience for him and this spicy chai does the trick! With lemongrass and a hefty dose of cinnamon + ginger, you can't get a more thirst-quenching cuppa!

5. Watermelon Refresher

This tisane has always been the hit of the summer! I mean, can you make a more beautiful looking iced tea?! A bright pink tea like this is sure to help you beat the heat!

6. Turmeric Delight

A brand new addition, we brought in this tea as a fruity, iced tea solution for our customers craving the anti-inflammatory health benefits of turmeric. You will not even believe there's turmeric OR peppercorns in this tea because it's just too darn fruity and delicious! It's basically like being a sneaky {tea} chef!

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Need suggestions on how to make the perfect iced tea at home? Try cold brewing!

1. Select your tea. Cold brewing removes all bitterness and astringency, so think about what teas would be best with a smooth, creamy finish! We love black and white teas.

2. Grab a pitcher and add 4 Tbs of leaves.

3. Fill with COLD filtered water. No need for your kettle here!

4. Let sit in fridge for 12-24 hours. Leaving the leaves in the pitcher longer than 24 hours will not affect the taste of your tea. But trust us... it's not going to last much longer than that anyway!

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