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What's so special about S&Co? 

This isn't your auntie's tea parlor. Simplicity and Co. offers a unique, modern environment to sit and sip any of our signature drinks while chatting with friends, studying, or enjoying a charcuterie board. We offer a full line of premium loose leaf teas to purchase by the ounce. We can also make your perfect tea drink in house - offering a variety of sweeteners and milks - all made just to your liking.



Why is loose leaf tea so important? 

Those tea bags you get from the grocery store not only have been packaged and sitting on the shelf for who-knows-how-long, but the leaves they include in those bags are the leftovers from the real deal. Loose leaf tea is intentionally plucked, dried and blended with precision giving you a tea experience like you've never had before. 


That's cool, but what if I'm not a tea person?

We'd love to challenge that! There are so many varieties of teas and flavors that we're convinced we'll find at least one tea you'll love. 


Can I buy your tea online?

Yes! See the SHOP tab above! All teas are sold loose and by the ounce. 



How do I brew loose leaf tea at home?

We carry products in our store to help you make the perfect cup of tea at home. All brewing methods include steeping the leaves in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Each type of tea is different, so be sure to read the label we give you with your tea for the proper brewing time. Ideally, your water should be 185 F, or just under boiling. If you're using a tea kettle, we suggest taking it off the burner once it reaches boiling and letting it sit for 1-2 minutes before pouring over your tea leaves. Let steep, sweeten to your liking and enjoy!



What are some of the health benefits of loose leaf tea?

Tea is totally natural and ours are organic (and fair trade certified!). Herbal teas are teas that include a variety of other ingredients (like herbs) that are designed to assist with certain ailments, while other teas are packed full with antioxidents and other good stuff. Come into the store and we'll tell you more about it and suggest the perfect tea for you. 



What's the best way to store my loose leaf tea?

Keep your leaves in dry, air tight container. With the proper storage your leaves will last for up to a year. We suggest leaving them in the bags we package them in or using a tin or mason jar. 


How much caffeine is in tea?


It's hard to say exactly because it depends on the type of tea, brewing time and other factors, but the general rule is that tea contains about 1/3 the caffeine level of a cup of coffee. 



Do you offer tea tastings or classes?

Yes! Check out our social media sites (Facebook and Instagram) for upcoming workshops and tea tastings. These are great opportunites to learn how to start brewing tea or to further your tea trivia knowledge! 

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