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Life is Stressful

Experience rest + wellness

with Simplicity and Co. Tea


We believe everyone deserves rest and a simple, good life.

That you should be in control of your own wellness.

And that when communities engage with each other, true connections happen.

Come experience the Simplicity difference. 

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Discover Your

Perfect Tea

Discover what teas are

perfect for you.

We guarantee there's a tea

for everyone.



All it takes is a few ounces of loose leaf and a tea maker.

Get one today to start your wellness journey.



Enjoy the relaxation, health and connection that tea brings.

Learn more about tea

and wellness.



I'm not a tea drinker but these guys have it figured out! They  really do have a tea for everyone! 


... Very friendly and helpful. I had great conversation while my tea was being made. I chose the iced Toasted Pear and it is delicious! 


I love studying here and the tea is perfection!

The atmosphere is so relaxing and comforting...

Sales tax for Out-of-State Customers: Simplicity and Co.  is based in the State of Oklahoma, USA. For tax purposes, out of state orders are considered orders whose final destination (the address we ship to) is outside of the State of Oklahoma. We do not currently have the sales volume to require us to collect sales tax for most states, nor does our website have the capability to do so. This does not mean that sales tax does not have to be paid on items purchased from us and shipped out of state. Some states require a "use tax" to be paid by the customer on items purchased from an out-of-state business and shipped to the customer's location. Before ordering on the website, please review your state's regulations for out-of-state purchases. S&Co currently handles sales tax for online orders in the following way:

  • Orders received via the website: If a customer orders a product to be shipped out of the state of Oklahoma from our website, we are not responsible for collecting and paying sales tax to the state to which it is being sent. Any taxes that need to be collected are the responsibility of the customer and Simplicity and Co. LLC will not be held liable if tax payment is neglected. Customers are responsible for figuring out their own state's regulations on out-of-state purchases where sales tax is not collected.

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